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Our Family’s Zero-Waste Essentials

Confession time.   We had been doing so well at being a low-waste family. We shopped with reusable jars at bulk stores. We bought a very limited number of items in plastic packaging (only things that we could not get bulk anywhere in town, or make ourselves from scratch). We carried our reusable totes, coffee…

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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude #EveryDamnDay

It sure is tough out there some days. There’s a lot of darkness floating around in this complex world of ours. It can be hard to watch the news, and sometimes difficult to stop a pit of sadness from engulfing us as we empathize with those who are struggling, or as we attempt to get…

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Labour and Lightening Strikes: Atlas’s Birth Story

Birth is an intensely personal experience, and so this post is deeply personal. I felt compelled to share this experience with the world, as reading positive birth stories during my pregnancy helped and empowered me. If this is too much for you though, move along to the next post. I’ll understand 🙂   *  …

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Cheezy Broccoli Soup: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free

bowl of soup on table

Wholesome, warm and deeply satisfying; this soup is what winter dreams are made of. Come in from an afternoon of snowshoeing and tobogganing, take off your mittens and toques, and warm yourselves with a bowl of hearty goodness.   How to make it:   What You’ll Need:   4 heaping cups diced potatoes, divided in…

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Chia Lemonade (No Stove) | Zero-Waste!

Easy homemade lemonade that includes chia seeds, which are a great source of omega-3’s, fiber, calcium and a lot of other good stuff. It uses maple syrup to sweeten it (which makes me feel extra Canadian) and makes for nice tart-but-sweet flavour.

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Everything but the Fridge Pasta (un-recipe)

hand holding pasta over boiling water

I’ve been affectionally referring to this pasta as Fridge Pasta for a while around our house, and it’s definitely our go-to staple for a quick and easy, thought-free meal to make when we’re tired or feeling lazy. It’s also healthy and filling!

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