A little bit about us

We believe in living consciously, that by changing how we think and by making intentional choices, we can change our whole world. We started Near and Fare to share our journey with you, and teach you some of the tricks we pick up along the way. We hope to support and grow alongside like-minded folks!



Artist, designer and maker recently turned momtrepreneur (stay tuned for the details)! Wanderer. Passionate vegan. Seriously into nutrition, cooking from scratch, growing things and making cashew cheese.



Vlogger, blogger, talker, photo and video taker, dad-joke maker. Wannabe homesteader. Ardent vegan. Outdoorsy adventurer.



Lover of things than shine, glow and twinkle. And crinkle noises. Tummy time escape artist, aspiring crawler, giggler and soon to be avocado eater!

Our Philosophy

Everything starts with kindness.

Being kind to all beings. Never intentionally harming any human, or non-human animal, or having another do it for us. Giving back where we can, with our time, or any other means we may have. Standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Being kind to our planet. Reducing our environmental footprint to the best of our abilities. Taking actions that restore or protect our environment.

Being kind to ourselves. Nourishing our physical bodies with whole plant foods. Caring for our mental health with a deep respect to the mind-body connection.