I love, love, love orange juice! Unfortunately, many of the store-bought versions contain non-vegan vitamin D, plus a lot of added sugar that’s not great for my family’s health, or for me and my growing baby.


Luckily, it’s so simple to make at home!


Dylan and I are also working on a tutorial for our DIY All-purpose Kitchen Cleaner, which uses citrus peels. In order to show you guys how to make it, we needed to gather some more citrus peels! So, we’ve decided we’d post some of our favorite citrus-based recipe, including this one. Interested in more? Check out our new Chia Lemonade Recipe here.


This is probably the easiest recipe ever.


How to Make Easy Orange Juice



  • Fresh peeled oranges
  • Cane sugar (optional – I don’t use it, but if you prefer sweeter juice you may want it)
  • Ice
  • Vegan vitamin D and calcium supplements (optional)



  1. Peel oranges. If desired, save the peels for DIY All-purpose Kitchen Cleaner.
  2. Add oranges, ice, and cane sugar (if using) to your high-speed blender. I have an older Vitamix, which I love! I think this recipe would work with a normal blender as well, though I haven’t tried it. It might just come out pulpier, but you could always strain the juice through some cheese cloth or a nut-milk bag.
  3. Stir in supplements, if you are fortifying the juice.
  4. Pour yourself a big glass and enjoy!



Did you enjoy this recipe? Have you made any other successful juices in a high-speed blender? Let me know down below!